Here is the answers to our most frequently asked questions

Are you using a truck or portable?

We use a combination of portable and truck mounted equipment. We the portable Hybrid Hypervac vacuum to collect all debris from your ducts a long with a truck mounted high pressure air compressor (at 200psi) to blow debris out of your duct work.

How long does duct cleaning take?

Depending on the size of your house and how many vents you have, the process can take between 3 – 4 hours to complete.

Do I have to leave the house while the ducts are being cleaned?

There is no need to leave the house. We actually encourage you to stay and participate. Our techs will explain to you the process and will show you their findings with our high resolution video inspection cameras.

How often should I have the ducts cleaned?

Excellent question! There are various factors to consider when deciding whether or not to have your ducts cleaned. However, generally speaking, it would be every 3-4 years. Less if you have a few pets or have done renovations around your home.

Why should I have my home's ducts cleaned?

Cleaning of heavily dust accumulation in your duct work will help your indoor air quality and efficiency of your furnace.

Will you be showing me before and after pictures of my homes ducts?

We have three different video inspection cameras that will allow you to see before and after video for your peace of mind.

How many people will be doing the duct cleaning?

Depending on what is on scheduled for the day, most likely it will be one tech and a helper.

Will you be cleaning up after you are done the cleaning?

We do our best to carry out our work in a clean and tidy manner. Sometimes we have not choice but to drill holes, remove grills, and bring in tools and equipment to carry out our duties that can cause a little bit of debris. However, our staff will ensure that they clean up after themselves after all the work is completed.

I don't know if my ducts need to be cleaned, how can I find out?

Very simple, all you need is a camera. Choose a few vents, remove the register, slide the camera as far as you can (be careful and be mindful of screws and nails protruding from the walls) and take a picture. Do the same for the air intake grills (located on the walls) and you will have an idea on the condition of your duct work. If you are still unsure, please contact us to schedule a video inspection.

Do you clean blower fans and other components?

Unfortunately we do not. Any gas or electrical components are best left to licenced oil and gas technicians.

Is there anything I need to do prior to my appointment?

Yes. Please ensure furnace area is clear of items to allow sufficient work space for our machines, tools and technicians to work around.

Do you supply air filters

We do not carry or sell any air filters due to the fact that  each home has different sizes. We ask instead that you have a new one on hand to be installed after the cleaning is complete.

What are drywall access panels and why do you charge?

Some homes have finished basements and have covered all the trunks with drywall. In order to ensure we remove all contaminants we need to access the trunks. An access point will need to be made in to the ceiling drywall in order to cut a hole in the duct work. The cost covers the plastic access cover to be placed over the access panel and the time it takes to find studs, potential electrical wires, and carefully making the access panel.

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